About Us

The Leader in CA Exam Preparation

Prime CA is a leading educational institute established in 2004 with an objective of providing Exam Preparation classes/guidance to the students pursuing Chartered Accountancy course under The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nepal (ICAN) and The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI). This is the first and only institute in Nepal providing exam preparation classes for final levels of Chartered Accountancy course since its inception.

The Academy has an experienced and qualified pool of resource persons comprising of renowned Chartered Accountants and experts in the respective subjects.

As part of its objective, the academy enrolls the students for Chartered Accountancy exam preparation under ICAN / ICAI and arranges to provide in-depth knowledge. It holds class tests and scholarship tests in real examination settings and provides scholarship to the deserving students.

Future Plans


Prime CA is managed by a group of young and highly dedicated Chartered Accountants and experts with an apparent vision for valuable contribution towards its objectives.

The management is supported by number of committees and sub-committees consisting of CAs and related experts as its members. On the part of students, the Board of Studies (BOS) is responsible for developing study books & notes. Examination Committee is responsible for setting questions independently for testing and enhancing the level of understanding of the students, setting norms for examiners for granting marks and guiding them using constructive approach. The committee is also responsible for declaration of results and scholarships. Publication Committee is responsible for publishing notes, modules, scanner and compilations with necessary modification as guided by BOS.

Our Vision

The opportunities for Management Professionals are ever increasing. Especially the demand of Chartered Accountants is growing up with the rapid growth of the economy. Production of skilled professional accountants is highly expected to support the nation's economic growth. In the context of globalized business & WTO agreement, service of skill human resources can be extended to any where in the world. For this, the authorized bodies (ICAN/ICAI), students and the tuition provider should work all together skillfully.
To deliver a significant and visible contribution towards:
  • The development of ethical and skilled human resource to meet the increased demand of skilled human in the light of globalization.
  • Chartered Accountancy exam preparation classes for all levels.
  • Equipping the current and future accounting professional with the skills and awareness to help them deliver continuous improvement and cope with future challenges.
  • Professionalism, transparency and accountability.
  • Respecting equality and diversity.
  • Commitment towards quality and excellence.
  • Responsiveness to our stakeholders.
  • Up-gradation of services to match with market requirements.

Message from BOS

From The Board of Studies

Nepal is primarily a country of villages but it is indispensable to move into industrialization for rapid economic growth. The contribution of skilled work force is inevitable to support the economic growth, especially the role of Chartered Accountants are countless. In the context of Globalization, the demand of Chartered Accountants is ever growing. However, the numbers of Chartered Accountants are not sufficient to cope with the requirements. Chartered Accountancy is highly prestigious professional course, due to the reasons like in-depth knowledge, reward and image in the society. Choosing a career in any sector means entertaining increasing demands, accepting rewarding challenges and encountering stiff competition at every level. We understand how important it is for us to be in this field since, industry, commerce, banking and finance, and IT rely heavily upon the contributions that we make. In this context, the Board, educational wing of Prime Chartered Academy, welcome all the students to be a part of this field.

It is a matter of satisfaction that PRIME CA has continued to progress during the last nine years. Its achievement is reflected in the contributions it has made for the betterment of the students; the students are spreading good words about PRIME CA all over. It is pleasure to inform you that, in arriving year 2013, 200 students attending classes at PRIME CA qualified as Chartered Accountant.

The Board is of the view that success is a matter of combination of many things. The Board requests all the students to be more active, sincere, dedicated and obliged to achieve their aims. The Board shall assist you in all matters that makes you successful. Students should be laborious in this profession; management plays the role of facilitator only.

Thanking you,

The Board of Studies
Prime Chartered Academy

Resource Persons

Faculties comprise of Chartered Accountants and experts in the respective subjects. Chartered Accountants faculties are young, experienced and include Merit holders also. Other faculties are senior faculties from universities. Some faculties have more than three decade long experience in universities and have even authored many books in their respective discipline.

CA Bibek Adhikari CA (ICAI) | B.Com (Indhira Gandhi University)   Rajiv Bhandari MBS (TU)
Bishnu Prasad Adhikari MBS (TU)   Prof. Rashindra Prasad Yadav M.Sc. in Statistics (TU)
CA Dipak Babu Mainaly CA (ICAN) | MBA (TU)   CA Anurag Wagle CA (ICAI)
Ganesh Raj Pandey MA in English (TU)   Sanjeev Singh MBS (TU)
FCA Hem Kumar Kafle CA (ICAN) | MBS (TU), BBS (TU) | L.L.B. (TU)   CA Subhas Sapkota CA (ICAN) | MBS (TU)
Kedar Prasad Aacharya M.Phil (KU) | MBA (TU), MPA (TU), MA (TU) | LLB (TU)   Umesh Chalise M.A. in Economics (TU)
Sudip Chandra Dahal M.Sc. in Stat (TU) | B.Sc.(TU)   Baburam Timsina M.Phil. in English (Pokhara University)
CA Sunil Joshi CA (ICAI)   FCA Bhava Nath Dahal CA (ICAN) | MBA, BBA, LLB (TU)
CA Suraj Banjade CA (ICAI)   CA Bineet Dhungana CA (ICAI)
CA Amrit Giri CA (ICAN)   Mr. Hom Bahadur Chhetri M.Phil. in Economics (TU) | M.A. in Economics(TU)
Baikuntha Thapa MA in English (TU) | B.Ed (TU)   CA Jiwan Kumar Budhathoki CA (ICAI) | MBS (TU)
CA Bisesh Bibu Acharya B.Com. (Hons.) (Delhi University) | L.L.B. (TU)   CA Krishna Pandey CA (ICAI)
Dipesh Silwal MBS (TU)   CA Prabin K Jha CA (ICAI) | B.Sc. (TU)
Jhanindra Prasad Khatiwada M.B.S. (TU)   CA Prabin Raj Kafle CA (ICAI)
CA Lalan Kumar Chaudhary CA (ICAI)   CA Pukar Raj Pandey CA (ICAI)
FCA Madan Kumar Niraula CA (ICAI)   Suresh Pant M.A. in Economics (TU)
Prashant Maharjan M.A. in Economics (TU) | B.Sc. (TU), B.A. (TU)   CA Umesh Bhattarai CA (ICAI) | M.Com (TU) | BBS (TU), Gold Medalist
Purnima Rai M. Phil. in English (TU) ongoing -Thesis | M.A. in English (TU)   Rajendra Badu MBS (TU)
GB Aacharya M.Ed. In English(TU),M.A. In Sociology(TU),LLB(TU)   Bishnu Prasad Neupane LLM (University Of Pune)
Dr. Hari Sharan Chakun Ph.D. (University Of Delhi)   Jaymangal Prasad LLM (University Of Pune) B.Ed. (TU)
Rabin Oli MBS(TU)   Raj Kumar Sah MBS (TU) B.Ed(TU)
Suman Prasad Chaudhary M.Phil. In Management (TU) MBA(TU)   Raju Raut MBS (TU) LLB(TU)
Rajkumar Thapa MBA (TU)   Devi Prasad Poudel MBS (TU)
Dinesh Kumar Basnet Master's Degree In Mathematics (TU)      

*Resource Persons for certain subjects are subject to change from time to time