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Brief of the Institute -
PRIME CA is a leading educational institute established with an objective of providing exam preparation classes to the students pursuing chartered accountancy course. The academy has an experienced and qualified pool of resource persons comprising of renowned chartered accountants and experts in the respective subject.
  The Management
PRIME CA is managed by a group of young and highly dedicated chartered accountants and experts with an apparent vision for valuable contribution towards its objectives. The management is supported by number of committees and sub-committees consisting of CAs and related experts as its members. On the parts of students, the board of studies is responsible for developing study materials and notes. Examination committees is responsible for setting questions independently for testing and enhancing the level of students , setting norms for examiners for granting marks . The committees also responsible for declarations of result and scholarships. Publications committees are responsible for publishing notes, moduals, scanners and compilations with necessary modification as guided by (BOS).
  Our Vision
The opportunities for management professionals are ever increasing. Especially the demand of chartered accountants is growing up with the rapid growth of economy .production of skilled professional accountants is highly expected to support the nation’s economic growth. In the context of globalized business & WTO agreement service of skill human resources can be extended to anywhere in the world. For this the authorized bodies (ICAI), students and the tuition provider should work all together skillfully.
  Our Mission
To deliver a significant and visible contribution towards:

  • The development of ethical and skilled human resource to meet the increased demand of skilled human in the light of globalization.
  • Chartered accountancy exam preparation for all levels.
  • Equipping the current and future accounting professionals with the skills and awareness to help.
  Our Value
  • Professionalism, transparency and accountability.
  • Respecting equality and diversity.
  • Commitment towards quality and excellence.
  • Responsiveness to our stakeholders.