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From its inception, Prime CA has been assisting the students in various ways for their CA exam preparation. It not only provides classes but also conducts Chapterwise test, surprised test and Scholarship test for encouraging the students. After completion of course, it provides revision classes highlighting the important portions. These may be the reasons; Prime CA is maintaining its average 80% results with rank holder in each year.
 Chapterwise Test
Chapterwise test is held on completion of each chapter and evaluated question papers are returned to the students with right answer. All confusions and queries are discussed in the class room before starting the new topics. The Objective of this test is to increase the level of understanding of students & clear doubt promptly.
 Surprise Test
Surprise test is held at any time without prior notice to students. The objective of this test is to assess the student’s minimum level of understanding & common sense which makes the concerned faculty easy to care each student individually.
 Scholarship Test
This test is held 3 times during the tenure of the course with reward. Two tests are held section-wise and the final test is held on overall basis. In the first two test, evaluation & ranking are made among the students of that Particular section only. while in the final test, evaluation and ranking are made among the students of all the sections. The objective of this test is to assess the students level of understanding on real examination setting and make them competent for their final examination.

The Board is of the view that success is a matter of combination of many things. The Board requests all the students to be more active, sincere, dedicated and obliged to achieve their aims. The Board shall assist you in all matters that makes you successful. Students should be laborious in this profession; management plays the role of facilitator only.

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